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Fujitsu offer a great deal of choice with ceiling cassette, ceiling or window-mounted, discreet ducted split and floor standing aircon systems.

They say they are the best for air conditioning and their engineering really is at the highest level in terms of on-board computer technology, reliability and product design.

The UK division of Fujitsu is near us, in Hertfordshire and, of course, we supply Fujitsu air con systems.

Below are a list of posts from our latest news blog to do with Fujitsu air conditioning:

  • AC Installations in Lofts, London
    It’s been pretty much all AC in lofts this week……and that means stairs…..lots of them!
  • Air Conditioning Installation, Wimbledon
    Back into London today to complete an installation near Wimbledon 🎾 Wimbledon #WeAreLondonSac
  • Air Conditioning Installation in a new Dental Practice in Paddington
    Bit of a wet end to last week’s installation in a new dental practice in #paddington @fujitsu_uk @TFSolutions1 @alphawholesale
  • Fujitsu Console Unit Installation In South West London
    Today’s installation. A Fujitsu console unit installed in a conservatory in South West London. Cool in the summer….. Warm in the winter…… Perfect! #conservatory #aircon #hvac #heating #cooling
  • Air Conditioning Brands
    It is no coincidence that Simply Air Conditioning London stocks only the top air conditioning brandsand heating products. We have always looked out for the top specifications and energy efficiencies on offer from reliable tried and tested manufacturers who conform to all standards of quality as proscribed by the EU. Consequently, we believe we have ...
  • Fujitsu V II [Revisited]
    The Fujitsu V II revisited (Click here to see our original article on the Fujitsu VII.) As regulations of energy conservation are tightened up due to the energy conservation policy of various countries of the world, a higher energy saving performance is required in commercial use air conditioning systems which account for a large part of power ...
  • Fujitsu V-II
    The Fujitsu General Company is one of the leading air conditioning companies in the market place with many different systems and configurations to choose from. Whether for a simple stand-alone air conditioner to an internal climate control system, The Fujitsu company is a very large, internationally based company, which also focuses on IT solutions, PC ...
  • Fujitsu Mini VRF
    Many small-scale apartment complexes, retail outlets, and homes need an efficient and reliable air conditioning system that is functional, reliable, and affordable. They do not need complex systems but something simple with ease of control that will keep the people using the space warm in winter and cool in summer. If you are looking for a ...
  • 25% off Fujitsu Installations
    We’re offering 25% for any Fujitsu system installations in November. Get in touch with us today to take advantage of our offer.
  • Flexible Fujitsu Products
    With the high rate at which air conditioning systems are becoming popular, manufacturers are coming up with innovative controls and various operational attributes to meet up with customers’ expectations. For instance, Fujitsu has supplemented its air conditioning products with a good number of different features. These added features are in response to the needs of ...

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