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Gree air conditioning are a very large company in China and are beginning to supply their products through trusted suppliers in the UK.

All Gree air conditioning products come with a 5 year warranty on both labour and parts.

They use state of the art quality control and are a leader in inventive designs.

Below are a list of posts from our latest news blog to do with Gree air conditioning:

  • Air Conditioning Brands
    It is no coincidence that Simply Air Conditioning London stocks only the top air conditioning brandsand heating products. We have always looked out for the top specifications and energy efficiencies on offer from reliable tried and tested manufacturers who conform to all standards of quality as proscribed by the EU. Consequently, we believe we have ...
  • Gree GMV
    Gree Electric Appliances, Inc. of Zhuhai China was founded in 1991 and from this time, has become the world’s largest specialist air conditioning company incorporating research and development, manufacturing, service and sales. Gree has been listed as a “Top 100” company by Fortune for eight consecutive years. Gree brand air conditioners are unique and ranked “world ...
  • Air Conditioning Systems by Gree
    In China, Gree Electric Appliances Inc is the biggest air conditioning manufacturer and it has maintained this position since 1996. The company is a specialist in the manufacturing of air conditioning and it has sold its products in over one hundred countries in world. The company invests great professionalism in producing their air conditioning and ...

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