Fujitsu Mini VRF

Fujitsu Mini VRFMany small-scale apartment complexes, retail outlets, and homes need an efficient and reliable air conditioning system that is functional, reliable, and affordable. They do not need complex systems but something simple with ease of control that will keep the people using the space warm in winter and cool in summer.

If you are looking for a compact air conditioning unit then it is worth considering Fujitsu’s offering, the Fujitsu mini VRF from the J-Series. It ticks all the boxes and more for smaller installations. Despite its small size, it is not short on power and it can serve eight indoor air conditioning units from just one outdoor unit with a cooling capacity of 15.2 kW. The outdoor units weigh just 97 kg and are only 900 mm high. They are equipped with a high-performance DC inverter and a newly designed larger fan and double casing bell-mouth construction reduce noise emissions.

With six indoor unit types available, there is one to fit every type of room space whether it is in a stylish apartment or office space. There are wall-mounted units, ceiling cassettes and ducted units. This means a style can be chosen that is unobtrusive and fits into the décor and style of the space it is cooling.

There are ranges of controllers available to meet the varied needs of the particular site and end users. Versatility is a feature of these controllers and they range from a group controller that will control and operate all of the indoor units at the same time, a wired remote controller that has a programmable weekly and daily schedule for all the units and a simple remote controller.

The range of air conditioning products the Fujitsu J-Series boasts that includes the Mini VRF system are really next generation multi air conditioning products that are designed and engineered to meet environmental and energy efficiency standards. The air conditioning units are very quick and easy to install and along with ease of commissioning. The Mini VRF is superbly reliable and will provide the end users with extremely comfortable conditions throughout the year.

This versatile, compact air conditioner is ideally suited to domestic, retail or commercial premises and it has a host of new features to cater for varied applications. Incorporating the latest in advanced air conditioning technology, the Fujitsu J-Series VRF Mini system has been engineered to meet six key requirements, which include high efficiency, economy, and comfort, and convenience, ease of operation and ease of maintenance.

Retail premises are often subject to regular upgrading and makeovers and this changes the operating requirements for the individual air conditioning units. If a large scale air conditioning system was installed it would lead to time consuming complexity to upgrade which is what retailers do not want as with store makeovers time is the critical factor. Consequently, the VRF Mini or another VRF system for large premises can be matched quickly and economically to each and every single outlet.

The energy efficient, environmentally friendly VRF Mini can provide for all these variations and more as it allows an extensive combination of indoor and outdoor units according to the premises.


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    Karen Wright May 24, 2012 at 8:27 am #

    We have a small shop 7m X 7m and need a small air-con unit what do you recommend?

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      jonathan May 24, 2012 at 9:01 am #

      Depending on the use of your shop and the buildings individual requirements Simply Air Conditioning would select a comfort cooling/heating system that would be tailored to your needs and budget. Please contact us to arrange a FREE SITE SURVEY

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