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New Measures on HFCs

We learn today that the EU has been urged to take stronger action on the HFC family of greenhouse gases by the Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA). The EIA argues that firm European regulation to cuts HFCs (hydrofluorocarbons) will send a strong signal to developing countries where their use is growing, but also help create a […]

Refrigerant R22 replacement

Under new legislation R22 refrigerants are to be removed and replaced. The reason for the refrigerant R22 replacement is because the refrigerant has a negative impact on our ozone layer and as a result most companies are responding to the legislation change by complying with the regulations earlier than the set deadline of 2015. This […]

Understanding Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Legislation

There are a number of rules and regulations that govern the ownership of some equipment such as refrigeration and air conditioning units. This is in order to prevent the pollution of air and the environment. The rules that govern the usage of these include the following: Firstly, when using this equipment, you must always check […]