LG Art Cool Gallery

Indoor air conditioning units have not really been known for their aesthetic appeal but all that has changed with the LG Art Cool Gallery unit. This clever piece of design disguises the air conditioning unit as a piece of artwork in a frame meaning there is no need to see the air conditioning unit which can sometimes jar against the décor of a room. As LG say themselves, it is the merging of form and function.

The customisable area on the front of the air conditioning unit allows you to display a piece of artwork, family photographs, or a graphic, which is slotted behind a display glass surrounded by a frame. It is available in a wide variety of finishes, and enables you to switch the artwork whenever you want making it ideal to display a picture of a special occasion in the year or change the artwork to something seasonal. The visible area of the unit is 17” x 17” but this will cater for artwork up to 20” x 20”. The front panel lifts up and out allowing a picture to be inserted or changed very easy indeed.

This single unit requires no ductwork and is perfect used stand-alone. Whether you live in a trendy loft, period home, regular semi or country cottage, the LG Art Cool Gallery will blend in to any environment and look just like a picture on the wall. It is in fact it is an advanced air conditioning unit that is available in 9,000 and 12,000 Btu/h capacities; LG Art Cool Gallery has low noise and efficient cooling to keep any member of the family cool and provides a talking point for your home.

Popular with interior designers and architects for its chameleon qualities to suit any kind of interior, the LG Art Cool is functional and provides an efficient cooling system with the minimum of fuss. This system would be ideal in areas of high humidity such as a study or library in a damp climate as it will help to protect paper and books from mould.

LG Art Cool is extremely flexible and can be retro fitted to most situations. Ultra quiet fan and motor make this a wise choice for a living area, as it will not be obtrusive and distracting. Manufactured to a high specification The LG Air Cool includes:

  • Self-cleaning coils in the indoor unit for easier maintenance
  • Many modes included, controlled through wireless remote: Cooling, Heating, Dehumidifying, Fan, Auto, Auto Sleep, and Defrost
  • Chaos Wind electronically controls fan speeds to create a more natural flow of air; Jet Cool operates at high fan speeds for 30 minutes to quickly cool down a room
  • Operates down to 14°F in cooling mode
  • Low sound operation for both the indoor and outdoor units
  • Allows refrigerant piping lengths up to 49 feet, and elevation difference up to 23 feet
  • R410A refrigerant

If style and comfortable cooling is what you need for your home or office, please contact us and we will discuss fitting options, finishes and colours and whether this is the right option for you

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