Air Conditioning Installation, Wimbledon

Air Conditioning Installation, Wimbledon

Anyone for Tennis? Unfortunately, our installation of a Fujitsu rooftop air conditioning unit happened at the wrong time of year for us. Looking out from the rooftop we were hoping to get a glimpse of the famed All England Tennis Club home of world-renowned Wimbledon Tennis Tournament and see some famous names rallying. The view from this premises would have been great!

We often use rooftop installations of air conditioning units such as this Fujitsu. It may seem a little odd to expose the units to all weathers, but they are robust and designed for the job. The rooftop units have a host of benefits, especially for our commercial clients.

Rooftop units mean that any repairs can be done unobtrusively rather than having us lot up ladders and so forth in a working business premises. As technicians, it is easier for us too to deal with a unit in a specific place where it will not affect the day to day business running. Rooftop access is also useful when upgrading equipment and moving new and out.

Another benefit is it allows clients to either increase or decrease their heating and cooling needs according to requirements. If a business is expanding the size of the premises or the building is split, new units can be seamlessly installed without major fuss and disruption. We can simply install the required modular unit onto the roof space. Adding and subtracting units becomes so much more streamlined.

Using the roof top also helps maximise the area size available in the premises which is important especially in cities like London where every square inch of space is precious and expensive.

We will just have to watch Wimbledon tennis on the television with our strawberries and cream when it comes around.

Air Conditioning Unit Installation in Wimbledon

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