Fujitsu V-II

Fujitsu V-IIThe Fujitsu General Company is one of the leading air conditioning companies in the market place with many different systems and configurations to choose from. Whether for a simple stand-alone air conditioner to an internal climate control system, The Fujitsu company is a very large, internationally based company, which also focuses on IT solutions, PC and telecommunications work and microelectronics. Taking advantage of their skill and expertise, Fujitsu also manufacture an effective, well-designed range of Fujitsu air conditioners and humidity control products. Fujitsu are one of the companies that it is worthwhile to begin with on your air conditioner search.

Benefits of choosing Fujitsu air conditioning include:

Quality Assurance: Sales of Fujitsuair conditioning units are in the millions spanning 35 years in the marketplace.

Customised Comfort: Fujitsu air conditioning products provide the option of precisely zoned internal climate control.

Convenience: The high tech air conditioners are designed for fast installation, which does not require any form of ductwork.

Full Fujitsu Air Conditioning Systems

With Fujitsu, you have the option of installing a single air conditioner or the option of installing a full system to provide precise and individual climate control for every room in a home or business. Considering a few points (different people have different temperature preferences and rooms hold heat differently), having a system for an entire property makes sense.

The Fujitsu V-II is one of the latest generations of air conditioning systems by Fujitsu. It has been specifically engineered for entire buildings and meets high environmental and energy efficiency standards.

Part of Fujitsu’s J series, the Fujitsu V-II is a powerful workhorse delivering performance on all levels coupled with cost and energy savings. Installation is simple as with all the other air conditioning systems in the J-series range and delivers a powerful 135KW cooling capacity. The Fujitsu V-II demonstrates power and reliability and has a high performance DC inverter. Using a single outdoor unit to service eight indoor units, it is compact and discrete despite its large capacity powerful output.

The Fujitsu V-II large capacity multi air conditioning system has a host of new features from Fujitsu’s renowned engineering and offers EER/COP that is significantly improved over earlier models by using Fujitsu’s own inverter technology and refrigerant cooling technology.


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    sibiu July 5, 2012 at 10:30 pm #

    Fujitsu is very good brands
    I thinks use fujitsu ACis good choice because has energy efficiency standards
    Low voltage here?

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