Fujitsu V II [Revisited]

The Fujitsu V II revisited

Fujitsu V-II(Click here to see our original article on the Fujitsu VII.)

As regulations of energy conservation are tightened up due to the energy conservation policy of various countries of the world, a higher energy saving performance is required in commercial use air conditioning systems which account for a large part of power consumption at stores and offices.

The demand for multi air conditioning systems by individual air-conditioning systems controlling the air conditioning needs for each room is growing steadily. In order to meet such needs, Fujitsu has developed the commercial use modular type multi air conditioning system “AIRSTAGE” V-II series realising industry’s top class energy saving performance IEER 21.7 as well as high installation space saving and design flexibility.

The new series is the leading-edge commercial use air conditioning system with capacity of 72,000Btu (21.1kW) to 288,000Btu (84.3kW) combining up to 3 sets of outdoor units, and has accomplished industry’s top class energy saving performance by original energy-saving technology such as “Round-corner type high density multi-path heat exchanger”, and “Sine wave DC inverter control”. Furthermore, by adopting an upright structure of the outdoor unit and “corner-cut air intake structure”, the installation space saving has been realised while keeping high energy-saving performance. Also, by adopting the centralized remote control system, the operating efficiency of the total system is enhanced.

Features (V-II Series)

High Efficiency Operation

  • Advanced system considers high efficiency operation.
  • High Efficiency
  • Energy efficiency combination
  • Various energy saving features

Design Versatility

  • V-II systems can be applied to a wide variety of Building applications due to the reduced outdoor unit size and piping length capabilities.
  • Flexible and easy piping design

Easy Installation

From transportation of the product to address setting for commissioning, significant improvements have been made which reduce the cost of installation.

  • Easily transported
  • Simple wiring & piping work
  • Easy setting operation
  • Easy maintenance

Comfort and Convenience

Low noise, easy operational settings, and comfortable temperature adjustment allows for V-II systems to be used in building air conditioning applications.

  • Quiet operation
  • Auto changeover function
  • Comfortable, convenient control
  • Non-stop oil recovery operation

Line Up (V-II Series)

V-II series consists of “Outdoor units”, “Indoor units”, and “Controls System”, and “Adaptor / Convertor Units”, and “Option parts (Option)”.

Outdoor Unit

  • Extensive line up from 8HP to 48HP in 2HP increments.
  • Space saving combination and Energy efficient combination available, which can be selected to suit any air conditioning needs.

Combinations other than the following are not recommended.

Indoor Unit

12 Types, 55 Models, Capacity range from 2.2kW to 25.0kW

Comprehensive range of indoor units of variety design and capacity ranges available which can be selected to suit any air conditioning needs.

Controls System

Every user’s needs are supported by offering a variety of controls, such as individual control, central control and building management system control options. Get your Fujtisu V-II series air conditioning system in London from Simply Air Conditioning London.

(Click here to see our original article on the Fujitsu VII.)


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