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Fujitsu Slender Fit Cassette | Air Conditioning LondonWith the high rate at which air conditioning systems are becoming popular, manufacturers are coming up with innovative controls and various operational attributes to meet up with customers’ expectations. For instance, Fujitsu has supplemented its air conditioning products with a good number of different features. These added features are in response to the needs of the customers all over the world. There is a new seven-day timer that offers the user the opportunity to pre-program different temperature levels, time programs, fan speeds, and air flow direction for every day of the week. This offers the user an outstanding standard of individual control.

Another innovative development is the Slender Fit which is an unrivalled mechanism in the industry. It enables the air conditioner service provider to fix the cassette units into extraordinarily slim ceiling voids with the aim of providing the user more choice. There are different Fujitsu ranges of bigger ceiling cassettes that you can find the slender fit mechanism. These are rated at about 14.1Kw to 7.1Kw. You can find these with or without heat pumps. The various specifications of the dimensions of the Fujitsu product give them an edge over competing air conditioning systems.

There is the 235mmh by 840mmw by 840mmd which is specifically meant for the 7.1kw types. The slender fit mechanism gives room for adjustment of the location of the cassette body relative to the grille thereby reducing the altitude of the AC unit by thirty five millimeters. One other feature of the new bigger cassettes is the functional noise level of the air conditioning unit that has been reduced drastically by 16%. The end result of this is that the unit has become one of the quietest AC units available on the market. This has been made possible by the introduction of the modern caliber turbo molded fan which is larger than many of the others.

The air conditioning unit also comes with a four way air allotment system which has been enhanced through the integration of better air flaps to broaden the airflow throughout the room. Just like the old cassette range, the new models gain greatly from the multi-directional airflow which allows the air to be dispersed from about four aspects of the unit. There are other features which include auto change over on the heat pump models. This mechanically transforms from the heating mode to the cooling mode and vice-versa with the aim of maintaining a set point. There is also the auto airflow adjustment which repeatedly modifies the air flow to equal the room conditions. There are other products from the company that are worth looking at.

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