Air Conditioning Installation in a new Dental Practice in Paddington

Air Conditioning Installation in Paddington

We finally finished this project to provide a dental surgery with air conditioning on a very damp, wet, grim day. However, our clients were left smiling and looking forward to using the air conditioning system which will enhance the comfort of patients and staff as well as provide a healthy atmosphere for dental work.

Without air conditioning, a dental practice would be quite a hazardous environment as dental professionals and patients are exposed to a variety of infectious agents transported by aerosols and droplets. Inside the mouth is quite contaminated with bacteria so to reduce the risk of cross infection, the air conditioning system must be capable of reducing the risk of infection and cleaning the air. The different kinds of dental equipment can also disperse these airborne contaminants into the atmosphere. Viruses, gasses, particles, bacteria and pathogens freely stay in the air for many hours and eventually drop onto surfaces. Fortunately, the superior job air conditioning does, keeps the air surgically clean in the treatment rooms and equipment rooms providing clean air and removing any harmful elements.

Maintenance of the Fujitsu units is especially needed in this environment and with the maintenance service we provide and understanding the importance of reducing the recirculation of these environmental contaminants, the dental practice personnel can rest assured that the air conditioning system will always work at optimal capacity to keep the air fresh, clean and healthy. This has benefits for productivity as staff and patients are far less exposed to bacteria and viruses and less likely to become sick.

Apart from keeping the air free of contaminants, the multi functioning Fujitsu units mean that heating and cooling is also provided making the dental surgery a place of comfort with fresh air and ideal ambient temperature for staff and patients.

Cost savings are on the cards as well and we expect to see the heating bills reducing nicely as time goes on for this dental practice.

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