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Daikin are one of the world’s biggest and best air con manufacturing companies. They offer a wide range of advanced equipment including multi split, packaged, split, VRV and chilled water systems for commercial, residential and industrial use.

Their use of inverter technology with all split and multi split systems, makes them perfectly suited for installation in small offices, shops and restaurants.

The Daikin Air Conditioning UK head office is not far from us, in Weybridge, Surrey and, of course, we supply Daikin air conditioning equipemnt.

Below are a list of posts from our latest news blog to do with Daikin air conditioning:

  • The New Daikin AC VRV IV – Efficiency and Comfort
    Daikin AC is well known for its trail blazing approach to development of products and the outstanding quality of its versatile integrated practical solutions. Fifty years of experience in the manufacture and design of cooling and heating applications make Daikin an industry leader. The market leader in heat pump technology, Daikin always delivers. Across Europe ...
  • Air Conditioning Animal Rescues
    One cool kitty had a fortunate escape when he was finally rescued form an air conditioning unit by animal rescue workers in Brisbane Australia. As we know some unusual things can be found from time to time in air conditioning units and the problems are usually soon solved. This poor cat however was trapped inside ...
  • Air Conditioning Brands
    It is no coincidence that Simply Air Conditioning London stocks only the top air conditioning brandsand heating products. We have always looked out for the top specifications and energy efficiencies on offer from reliable tried and tested manufacturers who conform to all standards of quality as proscribed by the EU. Consequently, we believe we have ...
  • Daikin products
    We have recently added details about 2 Daikin products to the Simply Air Conditioning London website. Read in detail and watch a video of the Daikin Altherma domestic heating, cooling and hot water production unit. We also have a page, including a video, showcasing the extremely impressive Daikin VRV III seventh generation heating and cooling system. Daikin are ...
  • Seasonal Energy Efficiency of Daikin Heat Pumps
    It will soon be necessary to display regular efficiency on the tags of energy according to the draft of EU legislation. This will open up the possibility of being able to rate accurately, the real life performance of your equipment over a year. However, you need to discover what exactly the ratings of seasonal energy ...
  • Daikin Air Con Systems
    Daikin produce both refrigerants and air conditioning systems. They create some of the most aesthetically and technologically classy systems that have ever been introduced. There are various air conditioning systems that have been produced by Daikin such as Sky Air Units and Controls, Split systems, Daikin Altherma, Daikin Inverter Ducted, and VRV Units and Control. ...

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