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Air Conditioning BrandsIt is no coincidence that Simply Air Conditioning London stocks only the top air conditioning brandsand heating products. We have always looked out for the top specifications and energy efficiencies on offer from reliable tried and tested manufacturers who conform to all standards of quality as proscribed by the EU. Consequently, we believe we have the best stable of products available in one place that are suited to many different applications in the home and small business.

Whether you are looking for a simple conservatory heating system or a total home solution to keep you warm and cosy in winter and cool in the summer, we have the product for you at a very affordable price.

We look carefully into the pedigree of any manufacturer before we consider becoming a retail outlet for them. Our reputation as engineers is only as good as the quality of the products we are installing, so we go the extra mile to ensure we only use the right products that will consistently deliver performance, economy, and value to our customers.

We stay abreast of new developments and any air conditioning brands that will offer our customers extra functionality at an affordable price is considered – but only if the quality of the product meets our exacting standards. This is why you will find us dealing with the brands we feel deliver. Each of our manufacturers is steeped in history and have been innovators for untold years. They all have a serious approach to research and development, which includes environmental awareness.

We are proud to introduce our range of top air conditioning brands so if you are considering installing a system in your home, check out each one to see which suits you.

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries

Needing no introduction, Mitsubishi are a famous industrial company with products as diverse as cars, electronics, industrial sewing equipment, robots and air conditioning to name a few. As a global leader, Mitsubishi bring cutting edge solutions to their customers through innovation. We stock the City Multi for large applications, Mr Slim one of the UK’s best selling systems, Lossnay, which recycles waste energy, and the M Series for small and medium applications. Mitsubishi air conditioning offers a solution for all your domestic cooling and heating needs.


Panasonic are another top company in the world of air conditioning and we like the fact they are situated locally to us in the Home Counties. This is useful if we need anything urgently (like yesterday!), but first and foremost, Panasonic deliver on all their product promises which make them another air conditioning brand we enjoy installing for our customers. Our Panasonic air conditioning systems will not disappoint and come with our recommendation and guarantee.


Fujitsu have their UK building conveniently located in the Home Counties should we need to visit them. They have a wide range of air conditioning solutions for any domestic application. The Fujitsu VII system has responded to the demands for energy saving performance making it an ideal model for multi room systems, while the Fujitsu mini is perfect for any apartment, retail premises, or smaller home. With engineering from one of the world’s leading companies your choice of Fujitsu system comes with peace of mind.


Daikin systems have been producing air conditioning since 1924. In 2006, this Japanese giant became the second largest air conditioning company in the world. Delayed by the tragic tsunami and aftermath, Daikin put off acquisition plans to buy Goodman Global a USA air conditioning company until August 2012 making them the largest air conditioning manufacturer in the world. With this legacy and the volume of expertise at the disposal of this giant, they are perfectly placed across all markets to provide affordable systems for the domestic market. Daikin’s innovative systems include aesthetically pleasing design and efficiency.


Gree is a Chinese company that is a world-class manufacturer of air conditioning. They also have other small domestic electrical products in their portfolio. Gree only distribute to trusted suppliers in the same way that we only consider supplying trusted products. We have been wholly satisified with Gree systems and any company offering a five-year guarantee is standing right behind their manufacturing and design skills. Delighted to be associated with them, the Gree range of products is definitely worth looking at.


Fifty years of air conditioning system manufacture gives Sanyo a pedigree not to ignore. Well known as manufacturers of domestic appliances and electronics, their solid reputation is something that attracted us to their air conditioning products. The Sanyo products are among the most efficient on the market today and the ECO range is ideal with models that can handle up to 40 indoor units making them ideal solutions for small office suites and apartment blocks. Other Sanyo air conditioning benefits include quiet operation and easy maintenance.

All of these air conditioning brands are those we have carefully selected so that we have a range suited to anyone’s individual needs. Be sure to contact us for a consultation where it will be our pleasure to introduce you to our product range.

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