Fujitsu Console Unit Installation In South West London

Fujitsu Console Unit Installation in Conservatory


Often not thought about when constructing a conservatory is the temperature of the room and how to control it. There is so much advantage to having a conservatory as it gives an extra room, somewhere to relax and is a pleasant place for company or for contemplating life. In winter, a conservatory can be chilly but can also be warmed by the sun naturally and in summer a conservatory is naturally warm but can reach very high temperatures. For example, with an outdoor temperature of 25 degrees C on a cloudy day in the British summer time, even with conservatory blinds, it is not unusual for temperatures to reach 40 degrees plus! Clearly this is stifling and unbearable and would leave the conservatory unusable. The temperature needs to be controlled for the comfort of those using the space.


As conservatories are used for many different purposes it is not always convenient to throw open the doors when subject to solar overheating or to drag portable heaters in during colder months. A solution is needed that is part of the household infrastructure. Therefore, air conditioning is an important consideration so the conservatory is not off limits at certain times of the year.


Our project this time was to install an air conditioning unit to provide cooling in summer and heating in winter in this lovely conservatory. We selected the Fujitsu console unit to do the job. This air conditioning unit is non-obtrusive being positioned outside the conservatory and the sleek interior unit blends in beautifully giving temperature control all year round. Installation of conservatory air conditioning units is simple and can be added into the project during conservatory build or afterwards. Either way there is no disruption to the house hold.


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