AC Installations in Lofts, London

AC Installations in Lofts, London

There is a bit of competition here at Simply Air Conditioning between us engineers; all in good fun though. We wear smart watches and use them to see who has climbed the most stairs or walked the most steps in the course of the working day. I think we need to do a weekly chart back at HQ. Some of us have an advantage sometimes (or disadvantage some might say) when we are working on installations in lofts. As can be imagined there is an awful lot of stair climbing. Our installations are physical anyway but when lots of stairs are involved it is a heart healthy work out!

We are all conscious of staying healthy these days and it is great to do so much exercise in the course of the working day. It certainly helps when we decide to indulge in our favourite Nando’s from time to time! Many people are also beginning to realise the health benefits of air conditioning to improve health. The incidence of asthma, allergies and respiratory conditions has increased in recent years as the increase in sales of anti-allergic bedding, vacuum cleaners with special filters and so forth. We are becoming quite the allergic generation.

When suffering seasonal allergies like hay fever or year-round allergies to pet dander or dust mites, air conditioning can help you breathe more easily. Air conditioning filters irritant air particles and indoor air quality is improved. The particles get stopped by filters and are prevented from continuing through the system. By maintaining optimum humidity within the home, air quality is balanced which is especially important when our homes are so insulated and sealed.

AC Installations in Lofts, London

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