Air Conditioning for Schools – And why it’s so Important

There’s plenty of research out there showing the detrimental effects of poorly managed room temperature on productivity in the commercial world and the ability to study in schools.

For example a US study by Healthy Schools and the Association for Learning Environments reports that, “temperature clearly affects the attention span of students. The average test scores for students in different classes were similar in the same category (cold 78% and 74%); (too warm 72% and 73%); (control 87%, 92% and 93%).”

Temperature clearly affects the attention span of students

It makes sense. How can anyone be expected to concentrate if you’re either freezing cold or sweltering hot. Discomfort is a huge distraction.

Chances are you’ve found yourself on the wrong end of the wrong classroom temperature more often and more recently than you’d wish to remember. Blazing sun, blazers off, great big glass windows. We’ve all been there.

Minimum Classroom Temperatures

In the UK, the National Union of Teachers (NUT) draws attention to The Education (School Premises) Regulations guidance on heating standards for schools that states “Temperatures in school classrooms should be at least 18oC (64.4oF).”

Maximum Classroom Temperatures

As regards a maximum… strictly speaking, there isn’t one. Not officially. The NUT agreeing at its 2007 Annual Conference that 26°C should be the “absolute maximum temperature in which teachers should be expected to work, other than for very short periods”, and insisting that, “all schools have in place contingency plans to help staff and pupils cope with the heat.”

So there we have it – a sweetspot, a ‘Goldilocks Zone’ between 18oC and 26°C.

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Comfortable Classroom Temperatures

Air conditioning for Schools in LondonThe question is, in busy, often sealed, often computer filled classrooms, how best can you manage the temperature to maximise attention and generate the best possible learning outcomes?

Well how about this advice, also from the 2007 Annual Conference? “Introducing a properly designed air conditioning system into the building… A properly maintained air conditioning system is a very effective way of reducing temperatures.

They concede that, “In some buildings this is not possible, either because of the age or type of the building, or because of planning restrictions,” but the point stands firm.

If you want your kids to be comfortable to be able to concentrate and focus maximum attention on their studies then Air Conditioning for schools is a great way to do it.

And it’s not just student’s welfare at question here. Teachers suffer too. How can any teacher swelter in the classroom and still hope to work to maximum effect. It’s simply not healthy, literally or educationally.

Air Conditioning Helps Fulfill Academic Potential

Clearly creating the right temperature matters. It matters big time. Your children’s health, wealth and long term happiness reliant on them being provided a proper learning environment in which they might fulfil their academic potential.

The Right Air Conditioning for Your School

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