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Modern air conditioners are less expensive and more successful than in the past. They’re almost noiseless and much less obtrusive than previously. They’re easily flexible for specific room temperature ranges; therefore every room may have the right temperature control throughout the year. Contemporary air conditioners also deliver quality environment control for almost any interior. The […]

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F-gas objectives

I previously wrote an article about the F-Gas regulation stating why it is now a legal requirement to have your installed air conditioning unit checked regularly. If you missed it, read the article on F-Gases here. But what are the objectives of the F-Gas regulation?

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Air Con Evo: Cooler You

With the important current concerns about sustainability and becoming a lot more environmentally friendly, new technologies are constantly being designed in every industry to reduce impacts upon the environment. The air conditioning industry is no different in taking these steps towards designing and developing more efficient systems.

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