SANYO Air Conditioning Systems

When looking for an energy efficient and dependable air conditioning system that would give you quality air, SANYO systems is a good choice to make. SANYO is one of the fastest growing companies that supply heat pumps and air conditioning all over the world. SANYO has been in the business of supplying air conditioning and heat pumps for the past 53 years and they keep on growing from one level of innovation to another. The driving philosophy that has kept the company over the years is ‘Think GAIA’ which is an environmental philosophy that means focus on energy sustainability and efficiency. There is really no size or type of air conditioning that you may be looking for that you would not get from SANYO.

The company is driven by innovation as can be seen in their various appliances, such as the electric VRF, room air conditioners with a COP of 5, and innovative gas driven VRF. There are different types of air conditioners that SANYO offers and they all come at various prices. One types of air conditioner that you can find from SANYO is the Commercial Split System. These are usually found in places like the restaurants, shops, offices and any other small or medium sized commercial organisation. This type of air conditioner is ideal for enhancing the air quality of these places. The range at which you can find this A/C is 5.5kW to about 28kW and they come with muted twin rotary compressors as well as R410A heat exchangers.

These air conditioners are products of broad research and development programs that has been in operation since 1958. It is also necessary to mention that these air conditioners offer the perfect solution for the need for a quiet and efficient air conditioning system at an affordable price. They also do a 1:1 Split system as well as the Flexi Multi which is an advanced range of the R410A DC. This is a Heat inverter Pump Multi Split system and more indoor units can be connected to a single outdoor unit of 6.8kW or the 4.0Kw or 8.0kW. These room air conditioners are also perfect for use in small offices, residential, and restaurants.

Simply Air Conditioning London are proud to supply SANYO air conditioning units.


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