London’s Weather in August

The month of August is essentially the peak of summertime in London. Although in most cases, the UK weather is bearable, the reality is that the weather becomes very hot in London when you compare it to the countryside. This is basically as a result of the steel and concrete that are evident in the city. With the degree of heat, you may actually be forced to bathing in the unique Serpentine Lido located in Hyde Park! Apart from taking a bathe, you can also enjoy the cool effect of shady areas in any of the picturesque London parks.

A very exciting part of these parks is the enticing way deckchairs are often seen reclining on the beautiful lawn. Of course, you will be missing a lot on a visit to London if you are tempted to sit back and rest for too long under the shade. In London, you can be sure of the fact that there is no dull moment with great things to see and do, and of course most public buildings are well air conditioned.

Sometimes, the temperature of London in August gets to as high as 30°C or more. But normally, the weather is in the enjoyable mid 20’s during the month. It is however important to note that the weather is highly unpredictable and the amount of sunshine that can be enjoyed during the summer period in London does vary. The month can be a reasonably wet month having an average of eleven days of rainy period.

In August, there are various events that come up such as the thrilling Notting Hill Carnival which is the biggest street festival in the whole of Europe. There is also the Great British Beer Festival which takes place at Earls Court at the beginning of the month. There are also some other entertainment activities such as the BBC proms, which take place at the Royal Albert Hall, and the state rooms of Buckingham Palace also open to the general public in August.

And apart from this, there are also the international cricket test games during the month. When you consider going on the waters, there are space boats that have their own music festivals to entertain their customers. Some things to pack when going to London in August include comfortable t-shirts, and shorts. A light waterproof jacket will also be necessary for the showers that are bound to come during the month. Sun block, shady hat, and sunglasses will also not be a bad idea, but don’t worry too much about getting hot and stuffy indoors, with most public domains being well air conditioned.

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