Air Conditioning Systems by Gree

In China, Gree Electric Appliances Inc is the biggest air conditioning manufacturer and it has maintained this position since 1996. The company is a specialist in the manufacturing of air conditioning and it has sold its products in over one hundred countries in world. The company invests great professionalism in producing their air conditioning and delights itself on the quality and reliability of its products. The company has the capacity to produce more than twelve million units of air conditioning per year. The company utilises state of the art quality control methods during their manufacturing process which include a different plant where all the important components of the products are tested before they are used. The company is actually a leader in inventive designs and they are committed to continuous development.

There are about one thousand research and development technicians that are employed by the company. The company also has over two hundred patents worldwide for their air conditioning technology. When buying any air conditioning system from Gree, there is the assurance that there is excellent value and quality for the value of money spent in purchasing it. All Gree air conditioning units come with the manufacturer’s warranty.

There are some unique features and benefits of the products of Gree that are worth mentioning. These include a cross flow centrifugal fan impeller with aerodynamically spiraled blades that are there to improve air flow and also reduce the noise levels. Secondly, it features a wrap-around evaporator coil which is there to improve the performance of the system. There is also a cable interconnecting outdoor and indoor units with fast connecting plugs. When installing the system, the requirements are very simple. It is also very easy to operate the cordless remote control that comes with the system. The systems are ideal for both commercial and domestic applications. There is also a high density air-filtration. And when buying Gree air conditioning system, there is the assurance of a 5 year warranty on labour and parts.

Simply Air Conditioning London are proud to supply Gree air conditioning units.

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