Daikin Air Con Systems

Daikin produce both refrigerants and air conditioning systems. They create some of the most aesthetically and technologically classy systems that have ever been introduced. There are various air conditioning systems that have been produced by Daikin such as Sky Air Units and Controls, Split systems, Daikin Altherma, Daikin Inverter Ducted, and VRV Units and Control. The Split System varies from the compact but very powerful outdoor units to the quite concealed or wall mounted units. The air conditioning systems offer the type of unique and innovative product features that are meant to deliver the highest quality in air conditioning control and maximum comfort. It is important to note that that each of these systems uses explicit outdoor units.

There are different components of the systems such as the traditional central air system, that is made better with the Daikin Constant Comfort inverter technology, and there is the Daikin Heat Pump system that can be installed easily. The Inverter Ducted line from Daikin is a low-cost substitute for the traditional AC/gas furnace systems. These products offer greater comfort as they’re designed and equipped with the Daikin Constant Comfort inverter technology. The inverter ducted systems give one hundred percent heating capability even when the outside temperatures are very low (to about 14°F). Also note that the system can even work when outside temperatures are as low as 0°F. Looking at these products, one would discover that they are cheaper than conventional heat pump systems used in most climates. Apart from this, they are also quieter and more compact compared to conventional heating units. The Inverter ducted from Daikin also offer energy efficient products that are available in up to SEER 18.15, EER 13.9 and HSPF 8.92 and also available in 24,000 and 18,000 Btu/h, and Energy star tier II rated.

Some of the benefits and features of these products include superior comfort and high energy efficiency. The inverter technology preserves the required temperature by differentiating the speed of the system’s compressor. And since the system operates longer when compared to the standard on/off systems in the same environment, the filtered air almost always flows. This is very effective in eliminating large temperature swings and can also help in minimising humidity. Some of the benefits of the heating pumps include the following: Firstly, they deliver considerable energy savings. Secondly, they make use of renewable energy source, and they provide cooling, heating and domestic hot water.

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