Seasonal Energy Efficiency of Daikin Heat Pumps

Daikin heat pump | Air Conditioning LondonIt will soon be necessary to display regular efficiency on the tags of energy according to the draft of EU legislation. This will open up the possibility of being able to rate accurately, the real life performance of your equipment over a year. However, you need to discover what exactly the ratings of seasonal energy efficiency mean to you personally. Daikin can be said to be ahead of the seasonal energy efficiency standards as of today.

The company’s new Sky Air Seasonal Inverter model optimises the inverter control for maximum energy performance all through the year and delivers extreme seasonal efficiency every year. Daikin offer various product for the home from which you can pick to make your home comfortable throughout the year. Some of their products include domestic hot water, heating and cooling, air purifiers, Nexura, Ventilation, Ururu Sarara and Daikin Emura. All these products are meant to make your home habitable and comfortable throughout all the seasons in the year.

Heat pumps are all-in-one cooling and heating equipment for the home. They are extremely energy efficient and one of the ways they achieve this is by extracting thermal energy from the ambient air, water, or ground and transporting it into your home. It is essential to mention that Daikin has been in the business of providing heat pumps to the general public for over fifty years. These long years of professionalism have been invested into bringing the new model heat pumps which are extremely efficient in terms of energy.

The efficiency of a heat pump is usually measured in coefficient of performance and the heat pumps from Daikin have up to five coefficient of performance. What this implies is that for a unit of consumed energy a Daikin heat pump gives five units of cooled or heated energy. You may wonder about the efficiency of Daikin heat pumps. The fact is that the Daikin heat pump system, Altherma, uses about two third of its heating energy from the ambient air instead of burning carbon fossil fuels. As a result, only one third of the amount of energy is needed to operate the compressor and to enhance the temperature of the improved heat to the required level. Heat pumps from Daikin help to lessen carbon emissions by over fifty percent when compared to heating systems based on fossil fuel.

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