The Mitsubishi Electric City Multi

Mitsubishi Electric City Multi Air ConditioningThe Mitsubishi Electric City Multi – VRF Systems are energy efficient featuring unique 2-pipe technology that provides simultaneous heating and cooling. Up to 60 indoor units can connect to a single heat recovery outdoor unit. Available are Heat recovery systems of 22 – 90 kW and heat pump systems of 10 kW – 140 kW. From this range, the Mitsubishi Electric CITY MULTI Y-Series is a proven performer.

One case study using this technology featured a small museum constructed of sandstone that became extremely hot in summer. As a building with some heritage and pedigree, the air conditioning system needed to have an unobtrusive or harmonious prescence when installed. Mitsubishi were first choice of the project engineers and after deliberation, the CITY MULTI Y-Series Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) units, which included one outdoor unit, and 12 indoor units were selected.

The use of VRF technology allowed one condensing unit to be used for the project. This reduced the total amount of piping runs required, compared to using multiple split systems. Two pipes from the condensing unit easily branched off to each indoor unit.

One of the benefits of the outdoor unit’s compact design is that it was easily hidden within a louvered casing that blended with the surroundings. The indoor units were also unobtrusive and small enough (only 220 mm in depth) so that they could be placed against walls and under stairs.

The selection of CITY MULTI VRF system was also based on proven performance at other similar installations to the client’s complete satisfaction.

Short Installation Time

The installation of the CITY MULTI system went ahead without issue and took about three weeks to complete. The cabling and piping design worked and the visual and physical impacts of the CITY MULTI units were minimal.

The CITY MULTI systems perform well and the layout and units are sympathetic with the look of any building where an unobtrusive air conditioning system is required. From the building’s point of view, visitors stayed longer and more people visited when it was open to the public because of the new Mitsubishi cooling system. The building was not affected visually and there was a minimum of physical impact on the building. The installation also meant that the building was compliant with occupational health and safety legislative requirements making it a grand place to work for its employees too. Air quality is improved and the installation has benefit in so many tangible and intangible ways.

If you have a building in London that needs sympathetic installation of an air conditioning system rely on Mitsubishi products and our expertise to give you an installation that organically blends in with the existing surroundings but more importantly delivers high performance at an affordable price.


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