6 Reasons to Love Air conditioning

Sometimes it is interesting to sit back and think about the ways in which an invention plays such an integral part of our lives in ways we often do not expect. Here we look at 10 ways air conditioning systems complement our lives day to day and help to progress new technologies and to even save lives. So many things are possible due to air conditioning so here are some celebrated facts.

6 Reasons to Love Air Conditioning

1. It Saves Lives

In 2003, an unprecedented European heat wave killed up to 70,000 people across the continent. In Auxerre, France for 8 days in a row the temperature reached 40°C which was extreme and there were very few air-conditioned buildings which could have saved lives. By contrast 20 years earlier a record 42 days straight of over 40°C were recorded in Texas, USA. No deaths were recorded due to the general use of air conditioning in buildings and cars.

2. It Makes Health Care Centres Healthier

Air-conditioned buildings can maintain controlled filtered air for comfort and hygiene preventing air borne viruses and maintaining a sterile environment for operating theatres and treatment rooms.

3. It Increases Productivity

Studies on productivity found that labour productivity increases and peaks at 18°C and drops by 15% at 23°C and by 28% when the mercury reaches 30°C. Workplace accidents also increased with the temperature in both factories and offices. Air conditioning maintaining a comfortable temperature increases safety and comfort.  

4. It Makes Technology Possible

Many technologies require clean room or cool environments. For example, the manufacture of computer chips and other technology component manufacturing requires clean room environments. Clean rooms are only possible with air conditioning as is the running of computer server rooms, call centres and other areas where technology needs to be kept cool.

 5. It Gave Us Hollywood Movies

Following the advent of air conditioning, cinema owners began installing air conditioning systems to attract more summer cinema audiences which in turn financed the movie industry. From silent film, through talkies and colour to today’s block busters. Without air conditioning perhaps there would be no Hollywood.

6. It Protects Interiors and Antiquities

Controlled temperatures and humidity from air conditioning protect internal furnishings, art, and artifacts from antiquity. Museums and galleries ensure that the preservation of these historical items are maintained in optimum conditions.  

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