Solar Powered Air Conditioning

It is interesting to note that we need air conditioning when the temperatures are soaring, and the sun is high in the sky. Given the energy the sun creates it made sense therefore to use solar power for air conditioning units creating a logical relationship. While we do not use solar energy to full capacity in the UK, more homes are enjoying the benefits of their solar panels and the energy savings that are available with this kind of energy. 

We are now aware that we are responsible for reducing the number of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide that contribute vastly to climate change. Solar energy is one way we can do this as well as making things more cost effective. 

While it depends on the number of solar panels used and the efficiency of the chosen solar air conditioning unit, solar power can contribute up to 50% of the power required to operate a home air conditioning unit with dual benefits. Home energy bills reduce by up to 50% and carbon footprint halved. A fantastic result. 

While solar powered air conditioning units are more expensive than conventional units, the solar powered systems will pay back initial costs over time with the savings gained in energy costs and of course the reduction in carbon footprint. 

Solar air conditioning systems give the same results as regular models. There are three kinds of solar air conditioners:

Solar Thermal Hybrid Air Conditioners – These use solar energy to help the compressor with refrigeration. Electricity runs the electrical components and the fans.

Solar PV Hybrid Air Conditioners – These swap between battery power and solar power as required. When the weather conditions are sunny, the hybrid unit charges up the batteries. When it is not sunny the hybrid A/C runs on battery power while charging up the batteries using electricity. 

Absorption Chillers – This type uses solar to power the motor and fan while cooling and heating process using evaporation and condensation to produce cool air. Absorption chillers plug in to run from electricity or batteries.

Solar air conditioning gives results saving energy, money, and the environment! A topic to think about! 


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