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Solar Powered Air Conditioning

It is interesting to note that we need air conditioning when the temperatures are soaring, and the sun is high in the sky. Given the energy the sun creates it made sense therefore to use solar power for air conditioning units creating a logical relationship. While we do not use solar energy to full capacity […]

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BTU air conditioning calculator

How to Calculate BTU for Energy Efficiency Air Conditioning

Energy efficiency air conditioning calculations are very important and vital to ensuring the right air conditioning system is installed into your home, office or other premises. It is important to consider the shape and size of the air conditioning components so everything fits and the area can be cooled adequately and efficiently. There are online […]

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Seawater Air Conditioning

At Simply Air conditioning London we’re always interested in new innovations that help make a greener planet, while new advances in technology really excite us. That’s why we were interested in the new Honolulu Seawater Air Conditioning project, which is utilising piped seawater in an effort to cut down on energy usage in downtown Honolulu. […]

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Data Loggers for Air Quality

Data loggers are electronic instruments that record different kinds of data. They are often small machines run on battery power. The applications are used for measuring many kinds of things but are commonly used in air conditioning systems to measure energy efficiency, air quality, and temperature. The good thing about these devices is that information […]

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Air Conditioning maintenance

Efficiency with annual maintenance

Whether you have just one air conditioner in your home or an entire central air cooling system, you will need a reliable contractor to help with cleaning, maintaining, and ensuring you are saving as much energy as possible when you are using your air conditioning system. Cleaning and replacing your filters each month will help […]

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Fujitsu V-II

Fujitsu V II [Revisited]

The Fujitsu V II revisited (Click here to see our original article on the Fujitsu VII.) As regulations of energy conservation are tightened up due to the energy conservation policy of various countries of the world, a higher energy saving performance is required in commercial use air conditioning systems which account for a large part […]

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