Data Loggers for Air Quality

Data loggers are electronic instruments that record different kinds of data. They are often small machines run on battery power. The applications are used for measuring many kinds of things but are commonly used in air conditioning systems to measure energy efficiency, air quality, and temperature. The good thing about these devices is that information is recorded 24/7 and have the capacity to record data for any months before requiring a battery change.

Important data can be key to understanding why a system has an intermittent fault or air quality is poor. Data loggers are useful diagnostic tools and can sometimes get to the root of a problem that is not obvious using normal engineering processes. The majority of these devices use a personal computer to utilise the logger and look at the data collected.

There are two ways to capture data; one is data logging and the other data acquisition. Data loggers are stand-alone devices whereas the data acquisition device needs a personal computer connection to transmit data for analysis

The data loggers used on most AC systems have a large data memory to allow for many months of data capture. Data loggers are quite sophisticated and calibrated to within miniscule tolerances allowing accurate information to be interpreted. Data loggers can also be alarmed to draw notice to critical events in the air conditioning system. Some of the latest data loggers can be analysed via the internet because they are wireless, meaning any alerts can be monitored remotely

Data logger manufacturers are making the data more compatible with standard software so that regular Windows programs can use the data captured for analysis. This is of major advantage to building managers for example who may be monitoring different systems.

While data loggers are not essential equipment, they can be of great assistance when things are not quite right with an air conditioning system. By monitoring airflow, humidity, air quality, and temperature, they can assist in diagnosing problems as well as providing statistics on usage and efficiency.

Data loggers are used in a vast array of different industries and processes and we think these little devices are a definite plus for the future as they become more accessible and sophisticated.

In the meantime, you can rest assured that our qualified accredited air conditioning engineers are the best in town and you can rely on them to attend to all your air quality needs.

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