Air Conditioning Animal Rescues

One cool kitty had a fortunate escape when he was finally rescued form an air conditioning unit by animal rescue workers in Brisbane Australia. As we know some unusual things can be found from time to time in air conditioning units and the problems are usually soon solved. This poor cat however was trapped inside the air conditioning unit for over a week.

The animal rescuers say the female tabby cat they found was badly malnourished and had burns on her ears and drag injuries. She was extremely dehydrated when she was finally freed from an air conditioner fixed to a wall in the south of Brisbane.

The owner of the air conditioning unit heard strange scratching noises coming from the aging device but dismissed the noise as rodent infestation. Eventually he called the Australian RSPCA who responded to his call. The RSPCA reported that the air conditioning unit was an ancient 1970’s dinosaur of a unit.

At first, the rescuers did not know what they were dealing with as there was a pungent odour of urine that they also thought might be rats. They proceeded to dismantle the unit and had to take it off the wall to find the poor tabby inside a turbine.

“Let’s call it Daikin”

The lucky cat was named “Daikin” by the rescue workers. She was very frightened, skinny and poorly which is no wonder given her length of entrapment. Nobody has been able to work out how Daikin got into the air conditioning unit in the first place as it was a very tight space with no room for manoeuvre. Cats are renowned for sliding into tight spots, but this one was exceptionally tight.

Daikin underwent surgery while the search for her owners commenced. She was not micro chipped but was neutered so is likely to be a domestic pet rather than a feral cat.

Dog saved by air con

As Daikin reflects on her adventure with a saucer of milk, we reflect upon the plight of a poor dog that was bizarrely saved by air conditioning.

Animal campaigners are demanding answers after an abandoned dog was rescued at a motel in America. One campaigner was picking up a friend at the motel and heard continuous barking from a boarded up room. When motel guests were asked about the situation, it transpired the dog had been boarded up in the room for almost two months. The motel guests had been feeding the poor abandoned creature through the air conditioning vent to keep the dog alive.

The abandoned pooch was taken to an animal shelter after he was rescued, where he received medical attention. He will now be re-homed with a family who will take care of him.

Two happy endings in air conditioning stories for these two unfortunate pets we are delighted to say!

Have you got any funny stories relating to your pets and your air conditioning and heating systems? If so, we’d love to hear them (especially the happy ones!)

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