The New Daikin AC VRV IV – Efficiency and Comfort

Daikin AC's VRV IVDaikin AC is well known for its trail blazing approach to development of products and the outstanding quality of its versatile integrated practical solutions. Fifty years of experience in the manufacture and design of cooling and heating applications make Daikin an industry leader. The market leader in heat pump technology, Daikin always delivers. Across Europe Daikin Altherma and Daikin VRV, have the highest sales with over half a million air conditioning systems sold, delivered, and installed.

Daikin’s Background

Daikin AC has always set the standard for air conditioning innovation. Their first rotary compressor was built in Japan in 1958, followed by further landmark development in 1969 when the first multi split air conditioner was developed. Continuing to stay ahead of the pack, Daikin was the first company to manufacture a heat pump that met the standards for it to be granted the European Eco label. Another first for Daikin was the manufacture of heat pumps that used the new generation of refrigerants such as R410A, R407C, and R744.

Daikin AC’s biggest breakthrough of all was the very first Variable Refrigerant Volume (VRV) system. This innovation opened up a new sector in the air conditioning market for VRF systems.

The New VRV IV

Daikin AC has once again raced ahead with its fourth generation VRV system. New benchmarks for efficiency have been established and there are significant enhancements to this system that already leads the industry. The VRV IV has three innovations:

  • Variable refrigerant temperature
  • Continuous heating on the heat pump
  • VRV configuration for easier commissioning.

The VRV IV heat pump units and the heat recovery units are available now.

This new technology allows the installation engineer to fully customise the installed system with a variety of preset options. This means that comfort balance and energy efficiency can be optimised for the entire system. When on automatic mode, the system is pre-configured for the maximum levels of efficiency year round, allowing rapid responses in extremes of temperature.

These configurations result in 25% increase in efficiency throughout the seasons as the refrigerant temperature is constantly controlled depending on demand required and outdoor temperature. A good example of this is when temperature is moderate and the room temperature is near to what is required. The air conditioning system will still make the adjustment in temperature bringing it up to the desired one. This means less energy is required and seasonal variations are seemless in terms of room comfort.

Another brand new innovation is continuous heat while defrosting making VRV IV the very best heat pump alternative you can buy to a conventional, traditional heating system. The reason this defrosting method is so important is that all heat pumps build up ice during the heating operation. Obviously, this will need periodic defrosting. Prior technology used to reverse the refrigeration cycle, which caused quite a drop in temperature, which would be noticeable for a temporary period. The VRV IV however, deals with ice build up seamlessly without any temperature change.

The VRV configurator offers advanced software to simplify commissioning. This considerably shortens the time needed to configure the outdoor unit. Maintenance becomes easier with a graphical interface for evaluation of operational data and errors.

VRV IV integrates with intelligent solutions 

For building management purposes Daikin has an intelligent touch manager that offers a user-friendly interface with floor plan that can manage up to 2560 groups of indoor units.

There is no doubt that Daikin AC have come up with yet another winner in its stable of products and we are sure for those customers who are concerned about rising energy costs, the Daikin VRV IV will fulfil all their needs.

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