Domestic Air Conditioning

Domestic air conditioning is something we tend to think about when the weather is hot or when we are using it in an apartment or villa abroad. However, it is a misconception that many people have that air-conditioning is just for cooling purposes. On the contrary, domestic air conditioning systems can be used for heating purposes as well. The beauty of air conditioning is that you can cherry pick from the wide range of systems and individual units to suit your home.

Many people are beginning to realise that air conditioning is a viable alternative to other kinds of heating systems because of the energy efficiency and value for money operation. Individual air conditioning units are also ideal for awkward areas in the home where there may not be space to install a radiator or other type of heating appliance. The slim line ceiling mounted units available are discrete and will probably cost you less money to run than any other kind of appliance. Units of this type can be operated by timer so you are in control. It is also good to know that at the flick of the switch, you have cooling at your fingertips.

In the UK we have a temperate climate and although we often suffer with extremes, think boiling summers and freezing winters, the rest of the time we do not have weeks of minus zero temperatures or 30 degrees every day. As a result we are somewhat set in our ways when it comes to thinking about home comfort. Domestic air conditioning is a viable alternative for a whole house, a few rooms, or an individual space in the home.

Here we look at some considerations if you are considering a new heating and ventilation system for your house.

What You Need To Know

Obviously, like a conventional heating system with a boiler and radiators, a domestic central heating installation is a professional job. We make it our mission to assess your personal requirements and install a system that is perfect for you and your home. Many factors add up to the price of your system, such as: the age and type of your home, make and model of units, regulations and how much building work and making good is required. This can be kept to a minimum with our ductless systems.

We also calculate the optimum size unit for maximum energy efficiency and take into account air quality and the type of filtration required. It is always worth seeing if there are any grants available if you are upgrading or replacing your system. We will advise of any grants available to you. Replacing or installing a whole system is a decision that you need to take time over but you also need to consider the savings you will make on current energy costs and efficiency

At a Glance

1. Your air conditioning system can cool your home as well as heat. The results are instant with little warm up time for instant heat and cooling and is a very effective climate control method

2. A heating and ventilation system produces a constant environment without hot or cold spots keeping an ambient temperature that gives comfort and protects your home from humidity, no matter what the weather is doing.

3. Your system will have air filters and only high quality purified air that is constantly refreshed will be in the home. This is perfect for any sufferers of allergies and can help reduce the risk of any airborne viruses and diseases.

5. There is a wonderful choice of units to choose from that are discrete and unobtrusive in the home. This means you gain space by not having a radiator occupying a wall that could other wise be used for furnishings. This one aspect alone makes domestic air conditioning perfect for any kind of interior from traditional to minimalist and suits old and new homes.

6. Heating and ventilation systems need to be installed by qualified and experienced engineers. This gives you peace of mind, as they will perform a guaranteed job from quotation to after installation maintenance plans.

7. Modern air conditioning systems conform to some of the highest energy efficient rankings available for any kind of energy system. Backed up by some of the most solid research and development from the industry giants such as Mitsubishi, Panasonic Daikin, Sanyo, and Gree, reliability is assured along with 98% energy efficiency.

Why not contact us for a no obligation chat, see how a domestic air conditioning can add value to, and improve your home.

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