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Panasonic Air Conditioning | Simply AC LondonPanasonic provides some of the widest choices of air conditioning systems for the home. The products are based on long years of research and innovation with the sole aim of providing healthy air for their numerous customers. Air conditioners from Panasonic are the only ones that purify the air we breathe in using Eion Patrol Sensor technology. E-ion from Panasonic is a purifying system that is particularly manufactured for giving healthy air. It is very efficient with its two-in-one independent air conditioner and air purifier.

The highly commended E-ion air purifying system of Panasonic is about ten percent more resourceful when compared to before. The active e-ions are released to trap dust particles and gather them into a larger filter so as to prevent them from circulating with the air in the room. With the patrol sensor, the air gets monitored when the air conditioning system is in operation and even when it is not.

Whenever any dirt or dust is discovered, the air purifying features of the system start working immediately to clear and clean the air circulating in the room. There is a device that comes with it that is released when the air conditioning is working to trap and neutralise the mould and bacteria in the air. The sensors usually gauge the level of dirt in the air and when the dirt in the air gets to a particular level, the sensor shows that the air is dirty. The sensor is continually monitoring the dirt in the air irrespective of whether the air conditioning system is in operation or not.

Active e-ions charge the dust particles in the air negatively for successful collection and eliminate harmful bacteria, mould and viruses to the tune of about ninety nine percent. There is also a mega e-ion filter which is actually seven times larger and better than its predecessors. It is efficient in capturing dirt and dust particles from the air. The various improvements of the air conditioning systems of Panasonic have transformed the world of air conditioners today.

The mild dry setting allows fine control of the air conditioning system from Panasonic to avert a quick reduction in the humidity of the room, while preserving the normal temperature that has been preset. It maintains a relative humidity of about ten percent more than its cooling operation counterparts. Naturally, whenever the mild dry cooling mode of the air conditioning system is on, the flaps channel the air flow downward so as to prevent drying room occupants’ skin due to a direct effect of the breeze.

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    Jair November 5, 2011 at 8:26 am #

    There are basically three times of air conditioning units: the built-in wall AC, the portable window unit, and central air. Although they all help keep our homes at a nice, cool temperature, the way each type of unit works is different from the other.

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