Toshiba Air Conditioning Services in London

Toshiba Air ConditioningToshiba‘s exceptional air conditioners have won 14 environmental awards as well as an abundance of recognitions and certifications for being not only powerful and energy efficient but for having minimal impact on the environment as well.

Toshiba has been a leading competitor in air conditioners for 30 years. They thoughtfully and carefully design each and every one of their products to keep their consumers comfortable in even the harshest climates while maximising energy savings and maintaining air quality.

The creation of their DC Hybrid Inverter was a ground breaking innovation and very much welcome in the world of air conditioners. Toshiba managed to incorporate inverter technology into air conditioning units, allowing them to be controlled by a modifying current frequency. What this means to the end user is a no fuss appliance that you turn on and do not have to constantly re-adjust because the variations are controlled in the unit’s core.

Some of the highly recommended Toshiba air conditioning units are:

  • Toshiba 3.5kW Inverter – This 12,000 BTU unit is powered by Toshiba’s DC inverter technology and has an impressive Energy Efficient rating of A/A.  It features several adjustable fan speeds, auto restart so you don’t have to worry about coming home a hot house if you lose power during the day, a 24-hour timer and it comes with a user-friendly wireless remote control.  The Toshiba 3.5kW Inverter has an internal unit that is fitted to an exterior wall of your home while the external unit is positioned directly outside of the building.
  • Toshiba ECO1208 SD Premier 3.5kW Split Inverter Air Conditioner – A plasma filter is featured on this air conditioner that also has an A/A energy rating.  This 12,000 BTU Toshiba ECO1208 SD Premier 3.5kW Split Inverter Air Conditioner is very easy to install with a standard 10 meter flexible copper pipe kit.  It is powered by the well-respected Toshiba compressors and features two-way air vane technology, a 24-hour sleep timer, easy to read digital displays, remote control with nightlight and Eco-friendly refrigerant that preserves the environment and saves you money in your bill.
  • Toshiba Daiseikai Wall Mounted Inverter RASB13SKVP-E/RAS-13SAVP-E – Once again, this air conditioners is granted an A/A efficiency energy label.  It features a plasma air purifier to keep harmful pathogens, mold and bacteria out of the air of your home, triple action filter, easy filter removal, auto diagnosis and an automatic swinging louver.  The Toshiba Daiseikai Wall Mounted Inverter RASB13SKVP-E/RAS-13SAVP-E is a powerful 12,000 BTU unit.  This is one of the quietest Toshiba air conditioning units running at 27 dB audio rating when the unit it on low and still only at a 44 dB while running at its highest capacity.  This is also one of of the lightest air conditioners that is available on the market with the indoor portion weighing only 9kg and the outdoor weight being a total of 38kg which makes it a little easier to install than some others units.

If you’re in London and are looking to have a Toshiba air conditioning unit installed, or if want your current Toshiba air con system serviced, then contact us at Simply Air Conditioning London for a professional and expert service.

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