Mitsubishi M Series

Mitsubishi M Series Air Conditioning UnitThe Mitsubishi M Series is a sophisticated air conditioning unit for a room that has many benefits apart from keeping you cool or warm. The cleverly engineered system is wall or ceiling mounted and has a sensor that sweeps from side-to-side automatically monitoring the floor temperature over a wide area spanning 150°.

Conventional air conditioners monitor the air temperature at the top of a room to control room temperature and fail to take into account floor-level temperature, which has the strongest impact on room comfort, into consideration. The “i-see Sensor” monitors floor-level temperature to ensure that optimum comfort is obtained throughout the room.

Cold air migrates to the floor, and this can result in excessive cooling. The “i-see Sensor” monitors the temperature at the floor level and adjusts the outlet-air temperature to prevent over chilling

Warm air migrates to the ceiling, thereby failing to warm the floor-level zone. The “i-see Sensor” monitors the temperature at the floor level and adjusts the outlet-air temperature to prevent insufficient warming.

Plasma Duo Filter System

FD Series air conditioners are equipped with state-of-the-art air cleaning technologies including a pre-filter and two plasma-based filtering mechanisms (Plasma Duo) that virtually deodorise and purify the air.

Plasma Electrode

A plasma electrode is mounted inside the indoor unit. An electro-discharge process generates ozone and plasma, which then work together with the two special filters to produce dynamic plasma air-purifying performance.

Plasma Deodorisation

A nanometre scale-meshed platinum catalyst deodorising filter catches odourous particulates that are in the air. Once trapped, the particulates are decomposed and odours eliminated by ozone generated from a plasma electrode.

  1. Plasma electrode produces ozone
  2. Odour-causing particulates trapped
  3. Odour-causing particulates decomposed by ozone

Plasma Air Purification

An electrified anti-allergen enzyme filter is incorporated. A combination of static electricity charged into the filter and plasma generated by the plasma electrode is used to catch bacteria, pollen, and other allergens in the air, which are then neutralised by the enzymes in the filter.

  1. Plasma electrode produces plasma
  2. Plasma gives particulates a negative charge
  3. Positive side of the electric filter attracts the negatively charged particulates and enzymes neutralise them

Highly insulated, airtight residences tend to trap odours, allergens like pollen and mould, and bacteria generated in daily life inside the home. This system keeps the air fresh and deodorised and neutralises the odours in the air making this ideal for homes where people smoke or where there are pets.

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