Understanding Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Legislation

There are a number of rules and regulations that govern the ownership of some equipment such as refrigeration and air conditioning units. This is in order to prevent the pollution of air and the environment. The rules that govern the usage of these include the following:

Firstly, when using this equipment, you must always check on them for any leaks. For small equipment, you have to check it at least once a year, and for bigger equipment you have to check it on regular basis. Secondly, you must house the equipment appropriately. This will prevent the exhaust from any of the equipment from getting into the atmosphere. You should also ensure that you destroy the refrigerant gases properly. And for this maintenance of the equipment, only professionals should be allowed to work on the refrigerant gases. You must ensure that you plan for future restriction of the usage of this equipment.

The legislation has been put in place to keep people and the environment safe. Businesses are expected to understand all these governing rules and they are expected to apply them in their organisation. For people who do not know anything about the working of the equipment that we are talking about, simply looking at refrigeration units is not enough. Breaking open the seal knowingly or unknowingly could be disastrous as it would be impossible to understand or know the kind of liquid or gas that was coming out. Looking at it from this perspective, you would understand that the legislation is not about placing restriction on the liberty of people just for the sake of it, but it is for the safety of the owners of the equipment and the society at large.

This is why the government and the EC hold everyone responsible for managing the maintenance of their air conditioning and refrigeration units, in order to make sure that the environment does not become polluted. There are some terms that should be understood in relation to the issues of air condition and environment pollution. There is ODS which means Ozone Depleting Substances. These are chemicals that cause the ozone layer above to reduce, thereby allowing some dangerous rays to enter into the atmosphere. There are also F-Gases which means Fluorinated greenhouse gases. These are a family of gases that contains fluorine and they are powerful greenhouse gases that can trap the heat in the atmosphere thereby contributing to global warming.


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