Air conditioning increases productivity

One of the things that hampers productivity in the workplace is the outlook of the environment. Imagine working in a very hot room, a lot of things could go wrong under such conditions. In an organisation where the room temperature is always on the high side, you can be sure that the level of productivity will be very low. You would also discover that working becomes a herculean task in an environments with more people working in them, and especially when there is no cooling system to help matters. There is therefore a need to keep the working environment air conditioned so that it can be conducive for every member of staff and thereby resulting in maximum productivity.

Recently, it has become very necessary for organisations to have air conditioning units installed into their premises in order to make the working condition suitable for the employees. When we talk about air conditioning, it could be used to refer to the treatment given to the temperature in the air. For instance, any form of heating, cooling or ventilation can be depicted as air conditioning. But usually, when we mention air conditioning, we are think of a system of using the air conditioning units to suck in the warm air, dry it and then cool it, ultimately pumping back cool air in to the environment until the temperature in the room is achieved. Also note that air conditioning can be used for heating up the room during the cold season. It is also important to note that air conditioners have filters that can filter out all particles in the air such as pollen and dust which gives cleaner and more healthy air. The availability of air conditioning in the working environment enables an organisation to have the perfect climate for their employees and the customers.

It has also been discovered that air conditioning in the working environment increases the employees’ productivity. Research carried out showed that when the temperature rose above 22 degrees, the workers’ performance began to drop, and when it rose to about 26, performance dropped to a significantly obvious level. In addition to this, the research also discovered that accidents usually occur in extreme temperatures in a workplace. As a result, organisations should continually keep a consistent temperature level in the working environment. Around 20 degrees is ideal for great performance of workers in an organisation.

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