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Solar Powered Air Conditioning

It is interesting to note that we need air conditioning when the temperatures are soaring, and the sun is high in the sky. Given the energy the sun creates it made sense therefore to use solar power for air conditioning units creating a logical relationship. While we do not use solar energy to full capacity […]

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Simply Air Conditioning London

Air Conditioning Maintenance Tips

With some of the exceptional hot weather the UK has experienced this summer, those fortunate enough to have air conditioning will have put it to good use to stay cool. Others who have air conditioning systems that also provide heat during the wintertime will be thinking about some routine maintenance. When something goes wrong with […]

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London Olympic Air Con

Olympic Air Conditioning 2012

You may not be preparing elite athletes for the 2012 London Olympic Games, but as the games draw closer each month, demand for sports training will increase as the population at large is captivated by the excitement of this global event and want to emulate their sporting heroes. Summer 2012 will see an unprecedented sign […]

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A Short History of Air Conditioning

Before modern day air conditioning people still needed to be kept cool and some ingenious inventions applied the principles of cooling centuries ago. The ancient Romans used water from aqueducts to circulate through house walls to cool them down. In Persia buildings were cooled using a cistern device and wind tower system combination the hot […]

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Forget Nostradamus, here’s the century old Aircon prediction that came true!

Way back at the start of the century, in the year 1900 to be precise, an American civil engineer by the name of John Watkins penned down some notes making a series of predictions with his visions of what our world would be like, technologically-speaking, by the turn of the following century. Where many have […]

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