Rooftop air conditioning installation in Richmond

Rooftop Air Conditioning Units Installation

Rooftop air conditioning units are commonplace for commercial applications as they are of a lightweight design which does not impact on roof construction and structural supports. The units are also very effective in the performance of cooling, heating and ventilation. They are also easy to install as they are external to the building structure.

Our customer in Richmond selected a modern Fujitsu unit to serve their air conditioning needs. This unit provides optimum efficiency has service friendly features for ongoing maintenance and is durable as it needs to be exposed on a rooftop in all weathers.

One important factor to consider with rooftop installations are noise levels. It is important the noise emitted is within building regulation limits and is not a nuisance to neighbouring occupants of nearby buildings or indeed to the occupiers of the air-conditioned building. As can be seen in the picture, we have installed an acoustic noise reduction panel to reduce any excessive sound.

Much depends on the local environment and structures as if the unit is nearby walls or other barrier, the sound will bounce off and increase noise levels. The line of sight for the noise is determined from the noisiest end (air conditioning unit) and where the sound is received. This could be an office, nearby residential building or other area where the sound could have impact. The acoustic panel bisects the line of sight and the noise is reduced significantly.

We were happy with the results of the noise reduction as was our customer and the building occupants are benefitting from the smooth and efficient operation of the Fujitsu air conditioning unit.

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