Remarkable Innovations

Think of some of the remarkable human innovations. What have you thought of? Air conditioning? Probably not (even though you’ve been asked by an air conditioning expert whilst browsing an air con website!)

However, it truly is an outstanding creation that has made living and traveling in the more extreme conditions possible, as well as making life in slightly less comfortable conditions a lot more pleasant.

In places such as Iraq people are used to having environment control, yet recent intermittent losses of this control due to unstable energy sources has led to reactions of great frustration and anger.

Devastating effects on populations can result from heat waves if there are no means of environment cooling. Elderly people in particular are a lot more vulnerable.

Recent heat waves in countries such as France and Greece have seen a number of deaths, and even on our own little island we saw some tragic results from the heat of last summer.

Similarly, deaths in old people have risen in recent years at the other end of the temperature spectrum in winter. Heating the home is very important to enable the elderly to maintain an adequate temperature and stave off the devastating effects of hypothermia.

Fortunately it is air conditioning equipment that can provide the all in one heating and cooling solution for our homes and workplaces. So, despite being low in consciousness on the list of remarkable human innovations, it is air conditioning that has seen us travel to and live in places otherwise impossible, as well as allowing us to live the most comfortable lives we can.

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