5 top air con hire tips

If you’re just looking for air conditioning for a one off occasion or an emergency you’re likely to hire temporary heating or cooling equipment. Below are some tips to help you in this process:

1. Hire a specialist
When hiring heating and cooling equipment, you need to be sure you have the right unit for you. You need expert advice on how it works and how you can maximise its potential. This specialist knowledge is more often than not unavailable with general hire companies. Also, when you ring the company up, make sure you’re talking to the specialist and not someone in a call centre.

2. Talk about it
It’s a good idea to talk with your specialist about your requirements for your temporary heating and cooling equipment. You then know you’re hiring the correct system for your needs. i.e in a residential area you’ll want a quieter system. other factors such as access need to be considered – the system may fit but what room does it leave? -A reputable air con specialist will be able to eliminate hidden problems arising by completing a correct and thorough site survey.

3. Look out for hidden costs
When hiring anything it is always tempting to select what seems the cheapest option that fits your requirements. As is so often experienced, this can be short sighted. Ask your hire specialist how old the kit they’re providing is as the cheaper ones are often older and thus less efficient. The cheapest hire-cost equipment could end up costing a lot more due to energy usage. Not all units are the same; newer ones are far more efficient. Again, a specialist temperature control provider can advise you on the potential whole cost so ask these questions. Be careful to avoid companies raise their rental charges for extremes in temperature …you can end up paying a premium for no reason.

4. Research your specialist
If you’ve not had experience with your hire company or referrals from trusted sources then check their website. Does it show they’re experienced at working in your specialist sector e.g. school/shop? Check which manufacturers they work with. Are they leading brands?

5. Follow the manual
It’s a trait most of us have: not reading the manually thoroughly. Once you’ve chosen your hire company and got the unit, be sure to read the manual properly. This really can solve the majority of basic problems hirers come by. Better following of instructions will lead to better efficiency in operating of equipment. Also, make sure you complete a proper handover with your supplier and make notes of any special instructions they give. It is important that this information is passed to everyone who holds responsibility for the air con kit.

If you follow all of the above tips you should be well on your way to dealing with a good hire company and getting a good service.

Good luck from Simply Air Conditioning London

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