Air Con Evo: Cooler You

With the important current concerns about sustainability and becoming a lot more environmentally friendly, new technologies are constantly being designed in every industry to reduce impacts upon the environment. The air conditioning industry is no different in taking these steps towards designing and developing more efficient systems.

Obviously finding the right balance is no mean feat. The main features to be considered are as follows: affordability, design, ecology, effectiveness, energy consumption and technology. If just one of these factors is overlooked the air conditioner will more than likely be unsuccessful on the market.

As we continue to develop and install more efficient conventional air conditioners there are also there are many interesting revolutionary concepts catching attention:

There’s a simple yet effective futuristic-style, tree-shaped air con system that uses heat from the ground and an Aquifer Thermal Energy Storage (ATES) system. The branches, which look natural, control airflow direction and spread filtered clean air over a larger area than conventional air conditioning systems.

Another one, known as “Fresco Di Lana”, developed by Laura Boffi is a woolen curtain that filters and cools hot air as it enters the area. There is a water pump which keeps the curtain wet. The water pump also acts as a vertical indoor garden which provides perfect environmental conditions for humans as well as allowing plants to grow in the pockets of the wool.

The uber-futuristic Habitat 2020 was introduced in China. Habitat 2020 is a form of sustainable housing. Traditional materials used for building houses are scrapped and highly sensitive ‘skins’ are used to build houses instead. These ‘skins’ act as membranes between the environment inside and outside the house. The air outside enters the skin and travels through various funnels. Inside these funnels it is filtered and cooled before being spread evenly into the room. The ‘skin’ also emits clean, CO2-free air from the building. Crazy hey?!

Air conditioning evolution: cooler designs, cooler environment, cooler you.

The future of air conditioning by Simply Air Conditioning London

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