Cinema Room Air Conditioning Installation in Chelsea

SAC Cinema Room Chelsea Football Club

We had an interesting project recently at the home of “The Blues” which was to install an air conditioning system for a cinema room. There are many reasons why a cinema room is an asset these days whether for training purposes, entertainment or analysis of sporting events. We think match replays will be the order of the day rather than blockbusters and popcorn!

Like all cinemas, the ambience and climate of the room is key to getting the best experience from the room space. This of course includes the air temperature. In addition to finding the right solution for the cinema room, we also had to consider the noise factor and work with the optimised acoustics and sound proofing of the room. We had to choose a system that would function efficiently with a whisper quiet operation and our experience in this area meant we chose the right system for the job.

A large cinema screen and sound equipment can generate a surprising amount of heat. This heat source combined with the body heat of the cinema occupants meant we had to build these factors into our calculations for optimum air flow and comfort. The number of people present at any given time in the room will vary, so this required a balancing act to ensure the air quality and temperature remained the same whether the room was occupied or not. This is the type of attention to detail that we pride ourselves on, which in turn allows us to deliver a professional job.

In a stylish cinema room, visual impact is also something to consider and we needed to supply discrete compact units that were unobtrusive yet able to deliver hygienic fresh air at the required rate and at the right temperature for ease and comfort.

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