Energy Efficiency Facts

Energy efficiency is becoming more important to everyone as the price of electricity, fuels and gases increase. There is also the green house effect where the emissions of industrial nations are playing a significant role in altering the world’s climate for the worse as well as depleting the planet’s available energy resources. It is easy to say that one household cannot make a difference, but the following facts might change minds. These are interesting facts about the United Kingdom and how energy efficiency and savings can be achieved:

– There are approximately twenty five million households in the UK. More than 10 million of these homes do not have cavity wall insulation. Given that around one million homes are unsuitable for insulation it means that means more than one third of all households do not have cavity wall insulation. The amount of heat loss through roofs and walls of these houses is enough to heat three million average homes for one year or financially save one billion pounds per annum.

– If every household in the UK installed loft insulation 250mm thick, the financial saving on lost heat and energy bills would pay the energy utility bills of 635,000 families for one year.

– If every home in the UK with gas central heating installed a condensing boiler, CO2 emissions would be reduced by 17.5 million tonnes, saving £1.3 billion on energy utility bills every year. This energy would support over four million homes for a year.

energy efficiency facts – When boiling a kettle, if only the required amount was boiled instead of a full kettle, the energy saving would run three quarters of the street lighting in the UK.

– If households changed just two regular light bulbs to energy efficient ones, the saved energy would power all of the street lighting in the UK.

– Turning the heating thermostat down by just one degree would result in the amount of energy used by all hospitals and health care facilities in the UK and save ten percent annually on household heating bills.

– The energy cost of all UK electrical appliances such as televisions, computers and DVD players left on standby costs around £150 million.

– Energy efficiencies can come about in recycling habits as well.

– Recycling aluminium cans saves up to 95% of the energy required to produce one from aluminium ore

– Recycling one glass bottle saves enough energy to light a 15-watt energy efficient bulb (equivalent to 100-watt normal bulb) for 24 hours!

– Recycling one tonne of paper saves up to 70% energy used in manufacturing from virgin materials and requires 40% less water to produce

These facts indicate there are ways to become more energy efficient and save money on energy with some simple lifestyle changes. Many everyday actions have a direct effect on energy efficiency and energy savings which go hand in hand. It is important that energy efficiency should be taken into account when purchasing electrical appliances and heating and ventilation systems. All are energy rated these days so it should be easy to see if the appliance or system of your choice has energy saving benefits. At the same time care should be taken that the product fulfills your needs. It makes no sense to buy a lower rated appliance and it is not suitable for your use.

Maintaining heating and air conditioning systems
and household appliances can lengthen their life span and keep them running efficiently without using any more energy than they need. You know who to get in touch with to optimise the energy efficiency of your air conditioning unit!!

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