Air Deflectors Installation, London

London Air Deflector Installation

31 air deflectors sold and installed this week to improve comfort cooling systems in offices.


There is nothing like a comfortable working environment to keep employees motivated and happy. Air conditioning has a large part to play in maintaining that comfort for people. The temperature is centrally controlled either by an office or shop manager or by the Building Facilities Manager in larger buildings. The objective is to have a constant temperature throughout the building.


Sometimes, with air conditioning some employees end up sitting in a draught and become very cold as they are positioned in the chilled air flow from nearby vents, while other employees are enjoying the benefits of a comfortable ambient temperature. This leads to dissatisfaction and impacts on the welfare of the worker. They may be the ones wearing a sweater or coat in an otherwise pleasant atmosphere. It is the responsibility of the employer to make sure the working environment is suitable for purpose and for those that must sit nearby a cold air draught, clearly it is not suitable. In time people can become sick from the constant chill.


Fortunately, there is a solution which not only improves the performance of the air conditioning system but also creates a pleasant environment for those people suffering from the cold air draughts. We were asked to do some rectification work using vent deflectors designed for air conditioning as an easy and quick solution that would also improve performance. This type of install usually provides immediate relief by circulating the air more efficiently around the entire work space eliminating draughts. There are different types of deflector for different air conditioning units made from materials such as plastic or fibreglass.


While the job of the air conditioning deflector is to redirect air along the ceiling to end cold air draughts and breezes by improving the air flow and indoor air quality, more importantly it improves conditions for people in the work place.

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