Ceiling Mounted Cassettes Installation in Hoxton, London

Ceiling Cassette Installation in Hoxton

For this project in Hoxton, we were tasked with installing ceiling units or cassettes. Ceiling cassette air conditioning units are mounted on or in the ceiling. While used mostly in smaller spaces, because the cold air falls to the floor, an exceptional amount of air flow coverage is achieved and when the fans are powerful the ceiling cassette air-conditioning unit can cover a substantial area. The units re unobtrusive and the operation is very quiet.

Simply Air Conditioning London - Ceiling Cassette Installation in Hoxton

Ceiling cassette units are great all-round performers with low noise output. There is an outdoor unit that is very quiet and the indoor units are extremely quiet in operation. Customers barely notice them after a couple of weeks of working. They are also very good looking and fit well into a modern, traditional office or retail space. Clean modern lines make them a popular choice in all kinds of businesses.

The installation of ceiling cassette air conditioning units is relatively easy and the installation is uncomplicated especially compared to some types of air conditioning unit. They are compact and are lightweight to manage and they are the same dimensions as a standard office or shop space ceiling tile. The cassette unit is also versatile and allows cool or warm air to be distributed in specific directions. With the addition of adjustable thermostats, air flow control allows the user to enjoy ultimate comfort and keep the environment just right for people within a given space. Ideal for areas where space is at a premium, a ceiling cassette will not take up precious wall space in smaller rooms. Purification filters in the unit can also enhance the environment as the unit acts as an air filter as well which is useful in smaller areas. Add the fact that ceiling cassettes are very economical, it is no wonder this has proved a popular solution with many of our clients.

Simply Air Conditioning London - Ceiling Cassette Installation in HoxtonSimply Air Conditioning London - Ceiling Cassette Installation in Hoxton

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