Air Conditioning Repair in Victoria, London

Mitsubishi Air Conditioning Repair in Victoria

Our job is not over once we have installed a project, we also provide a robust maintenance service and of course are on hand to repair air conditioning systems whether we have installed a system or not. Usually our maintenance contracts provide regular servicing and maintenance and repairs as necessary, but we also do one off repairs.

We were called in to repair this Mitsubishi air conditioning system and while we had great fun playing with the sophisticated remote-control system, it was soon down to serious business to complete the repairs.

Air conditioners can be complex mechanical structures that depend on a broad spectrum of conditions to work properly. They are measured to meet a calculated load on the installation site. Air conditioning systems are designed to work optimally with specific amounts of refrigerant and air flow. When the balance is upset, problems arise.

There are some obvious signs that a repair is needed apart from if the system stops working completely. Over time it may be noticed that electricity bills are higher than usual, odd smells and musty odours are noticed sometimes and there may be a lot of noise on start up or during operation. Sometimes, dirt around the air grilles will be noticed as well. During power outages for example in stormy weather or if it is a regular occurrence as is sometimes the case in rural areas, this can lead to a failure or damage to the air conditioning components.

We always recommend a maintenance contract as we can ensure the highest quality of service with 24 hours call out to get buildings up and running with the minimum of fuss and bother. Repairs to air conditioning systems are inconvenient, expensive and disruptive to customers and we would rather not do them! Prevention is always better than cure but we are always there at the end of the pone when things do go wrong. We repaired this Mitsubishi system and had the customers up and running in no time.

Simply Air Conditioning London offer a 24 Hour Call Out. Call at any hour on 020 7870 2333. Or get in touch using the contact form.

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