Fix for domestic air conditioning installation in Wimbledon

Air Conditioning Installation in Wimbledon

We were quite close to home for this project. Another service we offer is maintenance and repair of air conditioning units. Even regularly maintained air conditioning systems can malfunction from time to time though fortunately rare and in this instance in Wimbledon we were able to fix the unit and the unit operated as good as new again.

What are some of the things that can go wrong that you may need a repair for? If a unit suddenly stops working, it may be something as simple as circuit breaker tripped out or a blown fuse or may indicate something more serious. It is always wise to call on professional technicians to resolve issues or your warranty could be affected. Most people take advantage of a maintenance agreement that covers repairs and fixes taken out when the system is purchased and installed.

If an air conditioner won’t turn on, the power supply can be checked and if there is power, try resetting the thermostat to a lower temperature to see if it reboots the unit. If the unit still won’t turn on, then it is best to call out a professional to fix your problem. There may be a problem with the compressor or motor. 

If the air conditioning unit turns on and the thermostat is properly set but the air is not cooling, there may be a blocked or dirty condenser. If it is safe to do so, a check of the outside unit may reveal weeds, leaves or other debris blocking air circulation. This can be cleared and then see if the unit is working properly. 

The filter is the next place to look and it may be if the unit is in high use or there are pets around the filter is likely to need changing more often. 

If the air conditioning unit is still not operating correctly, it may indicate an issue with the refrigerant or compressor, so it is time to call your engineers. 

These are a couple of issues that can arise, but it is important to understand that inadequate maintenance causes breakdowns. We offer annual maintenance plans that will ensure you are up and running all year round.

Air Conditioning Installation in Wimbledon

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