AC Installation In Northampton

Air Conditioning Installation In Northampton (Veterinary Surgery)
This week is keeping the team busy with #Vet surgery refurbishments. Yesterday Stafford, today Northampton and tomorrow in Ledbury. Fujitsu in the UK & Ireland @TFSolutions1 

We are indulging our passion for animals this week with a very busy project. We are installing air conditioning in three veterinary surgeries in Stafford, Northampton and Ledbury. We love a road trip, and this was no exception especially as we came across some rather lovely furry friends. 

Veterinary surgery consulting rooms and operating theatres need to have a regulated atmosphere not only for the comfort of pets, patients and vets but also to maintain hygiene and minimise airborne particles and bacteria. Strict hygiene practices are always adhered to, but air conditioning helps to add an extra layer. A controlled temperature is also advantageous for keeping drugs at an ambient temperature too.  

Nervous pets and owners can become stressed and overwhelmed so keeping a comfortable temperature is of great benefit. Pets can also have accidents or vomit, so air conditioning helps with decontamination and removal of odours too.  

Expanding on airborne pathogens, a veterinary surgery needs to sanitise the air as different kinds of common disease such as kennel cough can spread quickly and of course there are many other diseases that need to be mitigated. Vets do take all precautions, but it is impossible to initially know if an animal is carrying disease that could affect other hospital inpatients or waiting room visitors. 

We chose Fujitsu equipment after our survey and measurements as it satisfied all the requirements and is robust enough to provide an efficient and energy saving service.  As experienced engineers we understood the need for efficient particle removal as within the operating theatres and consulting rooms hair is often clipped or cut off and animals can be dirty if they have been involved in an accident so a powerful system such as the Fujitsu can ensure peace of mind for removal of contaminants. 

Air Conditioning Installation In Northampton

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