AC Units Installed in Office and Flight Equipment Shop at Elstree Aerodrome

AC Units Installed at Elstree Aerodrome

We were extremely proud to be selected to install air conditioning at the renowned Pooleys Aviation Equipment shop. This family owned business was established in 1957 and has become one of the most well-regarded names in aviation globally. Flight guides, pilot training manuals and navigation devices are just some of the items on sale here. Pooleys brand is ISO 9001, 14001 and 18001 certified, which is reassuring for their customers, but also means they have quality and high standards at the forefront of their business decisions and from this perspective, it was great they considered Simply Air Conditioning as upholding quality and high standards also.

The project was located at Elstree Aerodrome where the retail space and offices are. We could not help but be excited to see all the small aircraft taking off and landing, which made our lunch break just a little more exciting than usual.

Because of the equipment on offer in the retail space, it was important to come up with the right solution that would keep the equipment and goods on offer at the right ambient temperature and humidity level. During our survey and through the course of our calculations we decided on a wall air conditioning unit to service the space with a discreetly installed roof unit.  The new air conditioning was successfully installed and commissioned to the client satisfaction and will not only keep the building contents in good order, but filter dust and airborne particles out of the atmosphere. It also adds to the comfort of the staff working there keeping a steady temperature with good air quality during the hours of work.

We look forward to working with Pooleys again and to maintaining their newly installed air conditioning units at optimum efficiency as time goes by. Chocks Away for now!

AC Units Installed at Elstree Aerodrome

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