Roof Installation Chiswick High Street

Air Conditioning Installation in Chiswick

Lots of hard work today to get this 120kg condenser onto the roof.
….time for a Nandos!

It was a good job we had 3 Weetabix for breakfast on the day of this installation of a condenser on the roof of a building in Chiswick High Street. The view over the rooftops was amazing but getting back to work we had a tricky access and needed to get the 120kg condenser in place. This meant a lot of pre planning which is our stock in trade anyway, and we had to use special tackle and ensure that no damage was done to this essential piece of equipment or indeed the building and interior.

We used a Fujitsu unit which is streamlined and smart looking and not too intrusive on the skyline. There are two sides to an air conditioning system; a cold side and a hot side. The cold side of the air conditioning system has an evaporator and fan which blows air over chilled coils and into the room.

The hot side of the air conditioning system contains the compressor, condenser and another fan which vents hot air coming off the compressed refrigerant to outside. Between two sets of coils, an expansion valve sits. This regulates compressed liquid refrigerant flow moving into the evaporator where the refrigerant undergoes a pressure drop then expands and reverts to gas. The compressor is an electric pump that pressurises refrigerant gas.

With a lot of hard work, we successfully installed the unit onto the roof without any mishaps and continued to complete the installation successfully to the client’s satisfaction. It is always so rewarding when a job with added complexity goes well so were feeling quite pleased with ourselves. Consequently, we thought we deserved to replenish all our spent energy; so off to Nando’s we went!

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