History and Usage

We usually think of air conditioning as a modern innovation. However, its origins are believed to go back at least as far as the ancient Romans. Evidence of aqueducts built for the purpose of circulating water through house walls to cool rooms can be seen in many cases. Similar techniques have also been found in archaeological remains from the medieval times in Persia. Here wind towers and cisterns were built to cool houses. As shown on in the ‘How We Got Here’ section on our air con supply page, the modern air conditioning unit was developed by Willis Haviland Carrier at the beginning of the twentieth century. Air conditioning can refer to any form of cooling, heating or ventilation to alter the condition of air. It is used most commonly in homes and offices create a pleasant living and working environment. Air conditioners are used for both cooling and heating buildings using either a refrigeration cycle or evaporation. As we know, air conditioning is also installed in cars, trains, coaches and planes to make traveling a more pleasant experience.

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