7 Ways to Save Money When Using Air Conditioning

7 Ways to Save Money When Using Air Conditioning

Our air conditioning systems are always there for us to keep us at the right temperature and to regulate the air in our homes. In these times, many of us are thinking about reducing emissions and using less electricity which of course has the benefit of saving money as well. Here we provide some tips to save money when using air conditioning.

1. Upgrade Windows

If you have older windows, there may be draughts and certainly there will be energy inefficiency which will make the air conditioning system work harder. Installing new energy efficient windows if possible, will save on electricity as the air conditioning will not be working overtime to combat constant temperature changes that older windows can cause. If new windows are not an option, then fixing air leaks by using a sealant and ensuring there are no draughts will help. 

2. Install a Thermostat

A thermostat that can be programmed will help cut costs by adjusting the air temperature depending on time of day or if there is anyone home. Some thermostats have an associated app so you can program on the move. It has been found that thermostats of this type save up to 10% on your bills annually.

3. Regular HVAC Air Filter Replacement

Air filters keep your air conditioning system running smoothly by promoting air circulation and preventing dust build up in vents. Dirty filters mean your system must work harder using more electricity.  Replace every few months or more often if you have pets. Replacement filters are not expensive and are an easy way to make your system more efficient. 

4. Reduce Sunlight

It may not happen that often in the UK, but sunlight streaming in through windows increases the temperature of your home. By closing curtains or using blinds or window shades during these episodes will save your air conditioning from working harder than it should saving money and using unnecessary energy. 

5. Home Insulation

Air is lost through attics, crawl spaces and walls.  Good insulation not only holds heat in but will also help maintain an ambient temperature without fluctuations once your air conditioning temperature is set.  Always a tried and trusted way of making a home efficient, insulation will save money on your air conditioning too. be worth the investment.

6. Regular Servicing

Maintenance is so important as an efficient air conditioning system is an economical one. Hiring a professional to regularly service your air conditioning system and replace parts when necessary can give your system longer more efficient life. 

7. Mindfulness

Just thinking about when you need to use your air conditioning instead of leaving it continually running will save you wasting money when you do not need to have the system running. Even adjusting the temperature can save you money

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